Roasted Chicken

May 15, 2011 § 2 Comments

We had roasted chicken for dinner!  Roasted chicken has always been a favorite of mine because it’s so simple and delicious.

My mom got the chicken all ready before we headed out for our pedicures (which were wonderful by the way!).  With some help from my dad, by the time we returned home, it was almost done!


Eat your peas.


Roasted red potatoes seasoned with olive oil, rosemary, and coarse sea salt.


My plate.  I had a chicken thigh.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s not as lean and healthy as white meat.  Who cares?  I don’t. Smile


Delicious Sunday dinner!  Meals are so much better at home than while I’m at school.  I’m more of a 20 minute-or-less meal kind of girl at school.  I’m enjoying the home-cooked meals while I can.

Oh, and if any of you were wondering, there was a yoga class and it was awesome!



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