Getting Back Into Yoga

May 8, 2011 § 5 Comments

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!  Especially mine. Smile

Today started off early with a trip to the grocery store.  We needed a lot of food for the house and for tonight’s special Mother’s Day dinner.  I stocked up on a ton of fresh fruit, vegetables, and some of my other favorite snacks…Biscoff anyone?

Last night, at the Lucia 5th anniversary party, my friend Carey and I were discussing yoga and studios around town.  My gym offers yoga classes so I stopped going to one of my favorite yoga studios located in downtown Saratoga – Yoga Mandali.  The atmosphere is wonderful and I love the classes!

As far as class prices go, they are expensive and I don’t feel right about paying for a gym membership plus extra yoga classes.  Carey told me that Yoga Mandali does a special class on every Sunday that features a newly certified yoga instructor.  The best part?  The class is only $5!  I think this is a great way to enjoy both the yoga studio atmosphere and experience new instructors.

The class starts at 11:30am so I knew I would be hungry if I didn’t eat before.   I’m currently snacking on a bowl of pineapple chunks and one of my mom’s blueberry muffins.  Yummy!




After yoga, I plan on coming back here to work on some delicious Mother’s Day treats!  Have a wonderful Sunday!

What are your Mother’s Day plans?

Do you prefer taking yoga studios or taking a class at a gym you belong to?

I definitely prefer the atmosphere of a yoga studio.  If there is a spin class going on at the same time as a yoga class at my gym, all you can hear is the pumping music and the instructor over the microphone – not relaxing!


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