Cringe-Worthy Words

August 20, 2010 § 2 Comments

There are some words that I absolutely cannot stand.  For example, words like scab, pus, panties and loaf make me shudder!  Even though I dislike the word loaf, that’s exactly what we ate for dinner last night…meat loaf!  I know some people get grossed out by meat loaf but I think it’s pretty tasty!

My mom’s recipe includes adding oats to the top of the meat along with tomato sauce. This results in a very moist meat that isn’t dry at all.

My plate


Alongside the meat loaf, we enjoyed mashed potatoes, cauliflower and a side salad.


Ketchup is a necessity when it comes to meat loaf.  Who’s with me?!


Deeeeelicious :-D.

Guess what today is?  My LAST DAY OF WORK!  I’m very excited to start school again and challenge my brain.  I feel like it’s turned slightly mushy this summer…!  My family is also coming to visit today – grandma, grandpa, uncle, and cousins – all 5 of them!  We are gonna have quite the full house this weekend.

After work, I am heading to the race track to meet up with the family and look at the pretty horses.  It will be my first time going this summer and I live ten minutes from there!

A Friday morning sighting in the front yard!


Hope everyone is having a fabulous Friday!

Question of the morning:  What words make you cringe?


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§ 2 Responses to Cringe-Worthy Words

  • Sara says:

    Moist. Impregnate. Nut butter. (I know that everyone on the healthy living blogs use this last one, but it creeps me out for some reason. Can’t you specify peanut butter or almond butter and so on?)

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