Friday Fun

July 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Good afternoon and Happy Friday!  I’m a little late posting again but I have some good eats for ya! :-).


Let’s start with last night’s dinner.  It was chock full of veg!  Baked eggplant parm, grilled squash, salad and a baguette slice.


My plate.


Check out those grill marks!


I ended up going to Troy’s last softball game of the season after dinner.  Unfortunately, they didn’t win but they tried really hard!  Isn’t that what really matters?  ;-).


For my Friday workout, I took a 6am interval class at my gym.  I’ve never taken this particular class before and I thought it was just ok.  The instructor was kind of blah and I didn’t like the exercises she chose.  Maybe I’m too picky with instructors?  I felt good after class but not like I had an amazing workout.  Can’t win ’em all I suppose :).


I was extremely hungry when I got home and cooked up a yummy breakfast for myself.  I was craving lots of protein so I made a fried egg with a little cheese on top, peanut butter toast and a juicy peach.


This breakfast was satisfying and delicious, just what I needed to start the day :).


I’m still at work and have been since 8:30am, yikes!  I’m not sure what the plan is for tonight but I’m definitely ready for some weekend fun!  Hope everyone is having a great day so far…:-D

Friday’s question: What’s everyone doing tonight?!


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