Mondays Are Nice

July 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

Is it really Monday already?  Where did the weekend go?  Unlike many people, I’m actually a fan of Mondays.  Think about it, every Monday you get a fresh start to the week and a chance to get back on track if you’ve been a weekend slacker!  The work week puts me in the mindset to stay on track with healthy eating and exercise as well as keeping myself motivated to make good decisions for my body. I really think Tuesdays are the worst day of the week ever invented.  It’s stuck between the fresh start of Monday and the half-way point of the week.  Even when I was in college, Tuesdays were always my longest days and just dragged on and on.  No more thinking about Tuesday, it’s Monday!  Let’s get to the food 🙂

My breakfast this morning came together in a flash.  I needed something cold, creamy and crunchy so I figured a yogurt bowl was definitely in order.  This mornings yogurt bowl includes:


As I was taking pictures of my breakfast outside, I saw these beautiful flowers in the garden and wanted to share them with you.


I’m taking my coffee to go and heading to BodyPump!  Happy Monday everyone 🙂


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