Oh My Achin' Arms

July 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Phew!  My arms are achin’…in a good way!  I increased my weight for almost every BodyPump track this morning and I’m feeling it already.  I’m getting stronger with each class and loving it!  

I continued the fiesta from last nights dinner to today’s lunch.  Instead of a regular taco, I decided to make a taco sandwich.    

Taco meat + onions  

I put the meaty mixture on a hearty whole wheat sandwich thin.  

Steamed broccoli with a little garlic salt and pepper.  

Veggies, protein, grains 🙂

I also ate the other half of my banana from breakfast after lunch.  I’m assuming you can imagine what it looked like 🙂

Today I’m working at Saratoga Dance.  It’s a beautiful store with tons of dance clothes. dance shoes, accessories and more!  Everyone who works there is so kind.  My mom used to work there before she retired the same time as my dad did.  I help out a lot with checking in new items and making sure everything was received.  It’s a nice change from reception work because I don’t have to constantly answer the phone.  I can work in peace and quiet.  I also love it there because I wear pretty dresses to work!  


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