Summer Salad

July 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

Before heading to work today I made a quick and easy lunch.  There still aren’t many options to choose from at the apartment I’m staying at so I made half of a peanut butter sandwich with gluten-free Smart Puffs on the side.



As I mentioned yesterday, I planned on skipping my BodyFit class tonight since I went for an early morning run with Megan.  I stuck to the plan!  It’s a triple threat evening out there…hazy, hot and humid!  I suffer from exercise guilt especially when it comes to missing my favorite class, but I think an exception is acceptable for today! 


After work I headed home to have dinner with my mama!  My dad is out at a meeting tonight so we made an especially healthy dinner.  Dad doesn’t always tolerate our healthy options…couscous anyone?  He says it tastes like sand…

My mom made a big salad spread for dinner!

Romaine, sliced tomato and chicken salad

Hard-boiled eggs

Pita bread

My plate 

I had a little bit more of everything.  It was perfect for a hot summer’s night 🙂

 Tonight I am staying home and relaxing with mom and Tomi.  I’ve missed my little furball!  I always try to watch Seinfeld every night at 7:30 whenever I’m around.  Even though I’ve seen every episode a hundred times, they never get old!  

Question: Which TV shows do you watch that never seem to get old? 


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