Small Success

July 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

My run was a success!  A small one at that but still a success.  I met up with Megan around 7am and we proceeded to run about 2.5 miles around town and a local college campus.  She had already been running for about 4-5 miles before meeting up with me!

I was drenched with sweat in a matter of minutes due to the heat and humidity.  I felt ok with the flat roads and downhill sections but continuing to run after an uphill was such a challenge.  Luckily, Megan was very patient with me and was cheering me on the whole time.  I had to stop and walk a few times but only for less than a minute.  It took about 30 minutes to do 2.5 miles so I averaged about a 11-12 minute mile.  Not bad for my first run in a long time coupled with the heat.  There’s definitely room for improvement!  

I took a COLD shower when I got back then started on breakfast.  

Stonyfield vanilla + strawberriess + coconut granola 

1 dippy egg + Multigrain english muffin with peanut butter 

This was the perfect post-run breakfast.  Protein, carbs, healthy fats and fruit!  I think my decision to forgo my 5:15 BodyFit class tonight is a wise one.  It is way too HOT and my arms are a tad sore from BodyPump yesterday.  They need some time to rest!   


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