New Lunch Bag!

July 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have been out of BodyPump for over a week and I realllly felt it today!  I love this class because I always feel so strong afterward.  I plan on going again on Saturday so I can build back up to where I was! 

I’ve been researching gyms in the Syracuse area for when I move out there.  The SU campus is huge and they have numerous workout facilities.  But, if you want to take group fitness classes, you have to pay extra each semester depending upon how many classes you want to take.  I was turned off by this because you had to pay for the classes prior to the beginning of the semester AND you can only go to that particular class on the day it’s held.  There’s no flexibility whatsoever.  I also like to get a feel for an instructor.  If I don’t feel motivated by an instructor then I’m not going to push or enjoy myself as much as I would if I had an enthusiastic one! 

I found a Gold’s Gym located within 10 minutes of my apartment and near one of my favorite grocery stores!  A student membership is only $30/month to use the entire facility and classes are included in the price as well.  I checked out their website and it looks really nice.  I can’t wait to check it out!!

Ok, on to lunch.

We still had some cheese leftover from my birthday bbq so I decided to make a cheese sandwich on an Arnold’s sandwich thin.  Simple yet delicious.

Mom’s homemade potato salad.

Pineapple chunks!  Pineapple always reminds me of family vacations to Florida.  I definitely went on a mental vacation while eating my fruit.

I got a new lunch bag!  The entire inside is insulated so I just threw in a couple of ice packs along with my food and was on my way.  It’s so cute, it doesn’t even look like a lunch bag/box/cooler thing 🙂  There were other designs to choose from and the best part is I bought it for only $9.99!

Troy and I were thinking about going out for a dinner date tonight.  We both have gift certificates for restaurants in downtown Saratoga.  We haven’t decided on where yet…

For any capital region readers: Where should we eat tonight?!


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