4th of July Fun

July 5, 2010 § 1 Comment

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend!  Sadly, this is my first post of the day.  The power has been out all afternoon at my house so I’m currently blogging from the lake.  More about that later…

My 4th of July was spend poolside and was filled with lots of friends…and food!  Troy and I spent the day at Lucy’s parents house hanging by the pool and grilling.  It was great fun.  I didn’t have any plans to go out for a birthday dinner so when Lucy and her parents invited us to stay for dinner, we gladly accepted.  There was SO much delicious food! 

I started off with a quick dip in the pool.  So refreshing!  It was 95 degrees out!  After a little while we were all getting hot and decided to head indoors for some snacks and drinks.  Our friend Carey came up with a special birthday drink for me served up in a Florida glass!

Pomegranate soda + Vodka + Elderberry liqueur.  So pink and pretty!  Very birthday appropriate. 


Lucy’s mom made a TON of guacamole, my favorite!  We devoured it in a matter of minutes.  Luckily, she was kind enough to make another batch.

 Lucy made a delicious dip with carmelized onions in it with homemade pita chips! I didn’t see a picture of it on my camera so we must have eaten it quickly!  For dinner, Rory grilled up cheeseburgers, hot dogs and one lone gorgonzola burger for Lucy’s dad


There were also 2 potato salads to choose from!  Lucy’s mom made one and Rory’s mom brought one too.  They were both delicious!

Potato salad 1

Potato salad 2 

Homemade coleslaw.  I normally don’t like coleslaw but this was great!


My plate


When it was time for dessert, Lucy came out of the kitchen into the dining room carrying a birthday cake for me!  I was so surprised!  Rory’s mom snuck it in without me noticing, sneaky sneaky.

Birthday cake

Chocolate chip/peanut butter chip cookies


My dessert plate consisted of a small piece of birthday cake, vanilla ice cream and a cookie, YUM!

After a wonderful dinner, we all changed and headed downtown Saratoga to watch the fireworks.  Lucy’s dad owns one of the buildings on Broadway and took all of us up to the roof for a perfect viewing spot. 

 Rooftop photos

Beautiful sky

 The champagne was flowing as we waited for the show.


 I’d have to say this was one of the best birthdays I’ve had.  It was nice to have a party on the 3rd to celebrate with family and friends then have the 4th to hangout, relax and enjoy the fireworks.  A special thanks to the Straus’s for hosting such a special evening! 


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