Vitamin Fun

July 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

Leftovers for lunch!  Packing lunch was super fast and easy this morning thanks to my prosciutto and asparagus pasta leftovers.  I also had half of an avocado left to use from the salad last night.  

I placed some fresh greens on the bottom of my to-go container, followed by prosciutto and asparagus pasta and topped it all with sliced avocado. Yum!


Fresh veg on the side

All together nowww 

I’ve been searching for a better way to both remember and enjoy taking my vitamins.  Well, my prayers were answered this afternoon!  While browsing through my favorite blogs, Julie of the Peanut Butter Fingers blog wrote a vitamin post this morning!  The people at Northwest Natural Products sent her a sample of Vitafusion gummy vitamins for adults to try out! 

I checked out their site and there are so many different kinds!  I felt that a multi vitamin and a calcium + vitamin D supplement were essential for me so I headed to Target (love this store!) and picked up these 2 bottles.  


They are so delicious and taste just like candy!  I was very impressed with the stats too: 2 calcium + Vitamin D gummies contain as much as 2, 6 oz. glasses of milk and as much as a 3 oz. serving of salmon!  What’s more fun than waking up to yummy gummy vitamins and knowing they are doing your body good?! 

Heading to the gym in a couple hours for BodyFit.  I’ve been feeling tired lately when I work out at 5pm.  I hope I get my energy back…well I did just take my Vitafusion 😉


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