Panko Chicken Night

June 24, 2010 § 1 Comment

Well, this evenings workout didn’t go as smoothly as planned.  I took my class but there were many obstacles standing in my way!

  • Obstacle 1: Ran out of water, I drank it all at work..and it was hot too (ew!).  Thankfully I was able to buy a HUGE bottle of Saratoga Water at my gym.  
  • Obstacle 2: Got soaked in a sun shower on the way from the parking to the gym
  • Obstacle 3: I was so hungry even before class started!  I had a Fiber One bar for a snack but it did absolutely nothing.  

Needless to say, it was extremely challenging to get through BodyFit.  I was fine with the cardio/step in the beginning.  When we got to intervals, that’s when the hunger and fatigue really set in.  Usually I am able to power through with no problem but tonight was definitely a challenge.  I think my instructor amped it up a few notches tonight as well. Whew, I’m pooped.  

As you can imagine from this evenings events, I’ve never been so excited to have dinner!!

Tonight’s dinner was deeeeelicious!  Panko-encrusted chicken breasts with arugula and sliced cherry tomatoes on top, corn on the cob and, you guessed it, veggie casserole!  

My plate

Panko Chicken is very simple to make.  You need:

  • Thin-sliced chicken breast cutlets
  • Panko
  • Flour
  • 1 egg
  • Lemon juice
  • Arugula
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Coarse sea salt

To prepare the chicken breasts, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Flour
  2. Egg
  3. Panko

Now you are ready to cook!  Place chicken breasts in a grill pan, cook until golden brown and cooked through (approximately 12 minutes).  Helpful hint: I use canola oil for this dish instead of olive oil because the olive oil tends to burn on high heat.  When the chicken is done, squeeze some fresh lemon juice on them, add arugula, cherry tomatoes and coarse sea salt.  EAT!  This dish is one of my favorites.  The chicken stays very tender while the panko gives it a crunchy texture.  Perfection!  

We also got spoiled for dessert tonight!  Jo Ann (our family friend) dropped off some lovely treats!

Italian Rainbow Cookies.  Aren’t they pretty?!  There are 3 layers of cake, the red and green were dyed (obviously), apricot & raspberry jam in between the cake layers and chocolate on top!  She used almond extract instead of vanilla for the cake and it was yummy!  I had a tiny taste 🙂

But, what I really wanted was this!…

Blueberry crumb cake!

I love blueberries, cake, crumb toppings and powdered sugar so this was definitely the dessert for me!

Side view.

No, I did NOT eat this entire chunk.  I cut off a little piece and enjoyed every last crumb 🙂

Thanks again Jo Ann!  We always have the yummiest baked goods + green grapes in the house thanks to her.  

I am turning in early tonight.  I think my struggle at the gym today was my body’s way of telling me I need more sleep!  Sounds good to me.


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