Hidden Treasures

June 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

What a busy day it’s been!

After spinning, I ate an early lunch…and it was gooood.  

Leftover avocado & apple chicken salad on whole wheat

Gluten-free Smart Puffs by Pirate Brands on the side!

Stonyfield vanilla + 2 tbsp. coconut granola + berries!  

I can’t get enough!

While running errands, I snacked on a nectarine

That nectarine just wasn’t enough for a snack.  When I got home, I toasted a piece of whole wheat bread and spread some PB & Co. cinnamon raisin swirl on top.

Side note: I thought the cinnamon raisin part of the peanut butter was just the flavor, but as I dug further down into the jar, look what I found!


I wonder why they were hiding in the bottom??

Tonight my parents and I are heading to a dinner party.  I am not sure what will be featured on the menu, but I know it will be amazing!  They are spectacular cooks and bakers.  I seem to know a lot of great cooks and bakers.  

See ya later!


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