Leftovers x2

June 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

I was expecting to not have a great workout since I was feeling tired this morning, but coffee really is a miracle!  My legs were speedy!

When I returned home, I had whole wheat toast with cinnamon raisin swirl peanut butter – my favorite PB & Co flavor!

There’s a hole in my bread!

I pack my lunches at night so I am able to grab and go in the morning.  Lunch was extremely easy to pack…leftovers!

I assembled a quick salad of greens, red peppers, onions and beets

And leftover orecchiette pasta with spicy Italian sausage and broccolini

Stonyfield vanilla + strawberries

The spread

I had every ambition of cooking a delicious meal from scratch for Troy and I tonight, but there were still a lot of leftovers!  Lunch was so good, why not have it again for dinner?!  

I jazzed up the orecchiette by adding steamed broccoli (I ate all the broccolini!), freshly grated parmesan and arugula on top. 

Fresh greens, red pepper and walnuts on top

Tiny glass of red 

I  never got to watch Losing It last night…I thought it was on at 10 but it was really on at 8 oops!  Thank goodness it’s online.  I am dreaming up a fun dessert for tonight…it will probably have to do with either peanut butter or chocolate!   


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