A Tuesday Treat

June 15, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well, going to Verizon was a COMPLETE nightmare as it always is.  In attempt to fix the problem with my phone, they managed to blow out all of my speakers too.  I can’t talk to anyone without a deafening crackle running through my ears.  Good technicians they have there huh? 

Thankfully, the woman behind the tech desk felt bad for me and was nice enough to lend me a headset until a new phone is sent to me later this week.  I am able to hear through the headset so that’s a good thing, but still annoying. At least I’m getting a new phone out of this catastrophe!

After rushing back home from Verizon, I quickly changed for BodyFit and grabbed a quick pre-workout snack

Excuse the blurriness 

At the beginning of each BodyFit class, there is about 20 minutes of step.  Doing the same routine over and over can get boring so my instructor switches it up a lot.  Tonight we started a new routine, refreshing and challenging at the same time!  Naturally, I was starving when I got home.  

Tonight’s dinner was a treat!  Mom grilled up some mini filet mignons 

Farmer’s market fresh beets.  My dad sliced them, he wanted everyone to know

Mashed potatoes!

My plate.  Those are freshly chopped chives from our herb garden on top of the potatoes 🙂


No more dashing off anywhere…until tomorrow!  Relaxing and watching Losing It with Jillian tonight.  Reality shows can be lame, i.e. Jersey Shore, among others, but reality shows like the Biggest Loser and Jillian’s show are meant to help people.  People work hard to make positive changes in their lives and achieve their goals of becoming healthier, not get drunk and run around like idiots.  I think I am such a huge advocate for these type of shows since I will be doing the same thing once I get my R.D. – helping people lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle!  It isn’t as hard as many people think, they just have to get over that initial hump and find their motivation.  

OK, enough nutrition talk.  Time to relax. Knowing me, I will probably have a light snack before bed, I’m always hungry!  


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