Vitamin Water Review!

June 14, 2010 § Leave a comment

Spinning class was unbelievably challenging this morning.  After class I was d-r-e-n-c-h-e-d in sweat like never before!  Good thing I was able to re-hydrate with Vitamin Water Zero 🙂

I was given the opportunity to review Vitamin Water Zero by someone who is employed by the company.  I tested out the squeezed/lemonade flavor.  I love lemonade so this was definitely the flavor for me.  Sweetened with Truvia, there is <1g sugar per serving (8oz.) yet I still got the same amount of sweetness as if I was to drink regular lemonade.  

It was also filled with tons of vitamins: C, B3, B5, B6, B12, A, E plus zinc and electrolytes!  One serving of this yummy drink contains 100% Vitamin C!  

From a nutrition and health standpoint, I am very pleased with this product.  It offers essential vitamins and minerals as well as a great flavor with no added sugar.  I am also happy with the added electrolytes!  It is really important to replenish your electrolytes after exercise in order to avoid an imbalance.   

I did my research and Vitamin Water Zero is also available in: mixed berry, acai-blueberry pomegranate, grape-raspberry, peach-mandarin, orange and green tea.  I want to try them all!  I definitely felt revived after drinking this as opposed to just plain water. It was just what I needed to replenish after a long, hard workout.  Thank you Vitamin Water!  


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