Waking up slow

June 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Last night was a lot of fun!  It was really nice to get together and celebrate with friends.  

The featured snack of the evening was homemade popcorn!  Kate and Jamie have an awesome popcorn machine!  

Rich was the popcorn maker of the night.

Erin (Rich’s wife) heated up some nacho cheese dip to enjoy with tortilla chips.  Notice the lone chip.

I had some homemade popcorn, a few chips + dip and a lovely glass of white wine 

And of course…BIRTHDAY CAKE!  Birthday brownie to be exact.  Kate eats gluten-free so this was a Betty Crocker gluten-free recipe.  It was yummy!  Loved the confetti frosting too.    

On to breakfast

 I loved yesterday’s breakfast so much that I decided to have a variation of the same today.  

Stonyfield vanilla yogurt + Newman’s Own Sweet Enough cinnamon flakes + granola + sliced bananas.  I replaced 1/4 c. of cereal with the granola.  I liked this breakfast more than with just plain cereal!  A new favorite I think!  

Peanut butter toast.  I cracked open a new Maranatha creamy peanut butter mmm.  This peanut butter is a little expensive but so worth it – no extra sugars and hydrogenated oils.  

French vanilla 

Every Saturday morning I take a kickboxing class.  It’s not only a great workout, but I also learn a lot of self defense moves.  I highly recommend trying a class.  You will be sore for 2-3 days after the first class, but if you keep it up, no more sore muscles!  

It feels so nice to not have to rush around today..ahh the joys of Saturday.  I wanted to play tennis today but it looks a little stormy outside 😦 Hopefully the weather clears up! 


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